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Living in the city, longing for the sea...

Artist's statement:

"Cornwall is home to my fondest memories and strongest associations. My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young and I’ve done it on and off all my life.  I whittle crochet hooks from driftwood and crochet colour-scapes of the beaches from which they came. I work with the idea that the driftwood reveals its ‘memory’ of the beach through its unique properties; Sticks from the same beach vary in size and wood type and this affects the way the hooks work and what yarn / thread works well with them. The same beach will look different across the seasons, across the days; I could spend a year on my favourite beach and not exhaust its potential.

Through the generosity of friends and strangers, I am gathering a collection of driftwood and photographs of beaches from around the coast of Britain.

I am using crochet as a medium for exploring our coast, which I have been separated from, but which has sculpted me. I will see the coast through the eyes of others, those people who collaborate will accidentally (or purposefully) provide me with their own private view of their coast, through the photos they choose to provide, and the driftwood they choose to send."